The Sabertooth King

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Welcome to the Roles page!

Become a Sabertooth tiger or

a Direwolf!.We ask you to choose your charater wisely no going back. (note: this rp is like the lion king but its not, some names here are from ice age)

(dont like the names? create your own!)

Character Info

Diego : King (shira's mate}

shira : queen (diego's mate)

ben: prince (diego &shira"s son)

Adah:princess (diego & shira's daughter)

Kira: princess (diego's and shiras daughter)

soto: diego's brother( wishes to rule the kingdom and kill his brother)

nadia: soto's mate and the mother of toby  and rose (feels the same way soto does)

Toby: sotos & nadia son and brother of rose

Rufus: direwolf pack leade


{the rest of the charaters are for you to make thier peronality and who they are}


Color Meanings

green: good

yellow: hmmmm not good

red: au revior! bye bye! see ya!


Note: no the female or male across from each other on the list doesnt have to be you mate.

The ones highlighted in green are usernames.


~MALES~                                                           ~FEMALES~

Diego {VILLAINS}                                               Shira {rose1232}

Ben                                                                      Minerva

Soto                                                                     Rose

Zeke                                                                    Saphire

Oscar                                                                   Abby

Lenny                                                                   Nadia

Toby                                                                     Adah

Bryan                                                                   Kira { courtnala}

Hasar                                                                   snow

Mata                                                                     Alice

Fang {mutaro }                                                     Ariel

Jack                                                                     Rachel

Philip                                                                    Aurora

Rullian                                                                 Vanessa {Leopards}

Winzra                                                                 sinsa

Chris                                                                    Eireen

Cody                                                                    Shade

slade                                                                    Darla

zack                                                                     May

Tony                                                                     Tory

Noska {Leah14}                                                    Kina {hottygirl}


~MALES~                                                                ~FEMALE~

Rufus                                                                           Tala

Tate                                                                             Aleu

Domino                                                                       Sasha

Oblivion                                                                       Lady

shadow                                                                       Angel

Dantes                                                                        cindy

Gaston                                                                        Belle

Wolfgang                                                                    Jasmine

 Dingo                                                                         Jennifer{myparents12}

Cruncher                                                                      Luna

Alex                                                                             Mella

leon                                                                              Mercy

(cubs & pups: kira, ben, Adah, abby, belle, tate, toby,rose)