The Sabertooth King

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sabertooth item for charater




not out yet

Downloading Instruction   (maps only)

Too lazy to go to the forums and check out how? No Matter follow these easy steps!

1) Go To Your Start Button and Open Up "My Computer"

2) Go To Your Local Disk ( C: ) Open Up Feralheart

3) Get Into The Exports folder and wait.

4) Go to the Download and Download the Files

{You Have nothing to worry about the files donot carry any viruses or mess up the game if you put it in correctly}

5) After it is Done Downloading Hold On to CTRL and Press all the files

6) Copy and Paste them into The Exports Folder

7) Log out and log back in and enjoy the Download!


So, unzip the item pack and take a look at the read me.
If that is no help, follow these.

1. Unzip the item pack
2. Take the items.cfg and extract it to the main FeralHeart folder.
3. Once thats done and the other items.cfg replaced, you need to take the items pack, and copy and paste everything into FeralHeart-->Media-->Items