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Diego was a saber-tooth cat that is king of the sabertooths.As a saber-tooth cat, Diego was made for action, with a usually curt demeanor: short for words, Diego was not one to be trifled with. Initially a sharp hunter and a harsh speaker, Diego's demeanor softened. Loyal to the pride, Diego was always one to step in and take action, but did not appreciate being made light of: soto would often joke with him, to Diego's displeasure, but Diego would never attack anyone. His composure, however, was shaken when he met Shira, who caught his eye and won him over, shira is currently diegos mate. diego has a son named ben and a daughters named adah and kira. Diego was built like other sabers, with a compact, muscular build and powerful running legs, retractable claws on all four paws, a short set of ears and tail, and, most notably, his set of long canine teeth, Diego's pelt was burnt orange with a lighter underbelly and light facial fur, and with a short brown mane along his neck and upper back. Diego's eyes were vivid green and were ideal for hunting or looking out at night, as in the darkness they would glow brighter like other cats' eyes. Diego is over protective of his mate and cubs. He hates dire wolves and would chase them away from his prides territory. He doesn't trust soto even though their brothers. 

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