The Sabertooth King

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~The Sabertooth King~


this is a realistic feralheart mapped sabertooth & direwolf roleplay.

{no neon colors or wings allowed}. (like the lion king but a bit different the king doesnt die!) {must have fangs(items) for sabertooths will have item download link up in downloads}



During the ice age, when diego's & soto's  father and mother ruled the lands. The sabers and direwolves lived in peace until the day diego & soto's father choose the next saber to rule. The two Princes were exicted to find out the new king. The king called the young princes on top of the pride's rock. The king then chose the future king, it was diego, soto was furious at his father and mother for chosing his younger brother over him. soto then made a pack with the direwolves, to kill his parents. Of course they didnt kill both of them, the only one who died was the queen. The king and the rest of the sabers didnt understand why they would do such a thing or who even palnned it. The king finally banished the direwolves from the icelands to the place where no wish to be a bone yard filled with deer and wooly mamoth bones, where theres no food. Ever since the king exiled the direwolves, they would often sneak back in to hunt. Once the king died, Diego steped up as the right full king, he would chase away the direwolves from their territory and protect his pride. Of coarse, Soto would sneak in to the direwolf terriory with his mate Nadia, and make palns to kill Diego and his queen shira. One day diego and shira has cubs, Adah, Kira and ben, one of them will be chosen to lead the pride. once Soto found out he palnned to kill diego, shira,  adah, Kira and ben. so then he can rule along side with his mate, and make his daughter Rose future queen. Eventually Ben meets a direwolf pup name tate, who become his secret best friend, when ben meets  rose for the first time as cubs, he falls in love with her, at this time the icelands are no longer ice more muddy and grassy. THE END  ( INSERT MORE STORY STUFF HERE) ( SO SIGN UP TODAY! PLEASE READ RULES AND ROLES)


MAP NEWS INFO: map is currently being created. it will be finished within a few months, screenshots will be posted.
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